World Wings Membership

The way the world travels by air today, can be traced directly back to Pan Am. Although air travel can be a complex experience today, it has become an entitlement and an expectation that we can move so freely and easily from one part of the world to the other in the same day. Pan Am resonates as a prototypical Intercontinental carrier that set the foundation that which all other global air transportation systems mimic today.

The identity that Pan Am projects is one of high standards and a market that has stood above all others worldwide.

All former Pan Am flight attendants are eligible to join and become a member of world wings international Inc. friendships between Pan Am flight attendants can be maintained and renewed through long-lasting friendships to the opportunity of membership provided by world wings. How can it benefit you to become a full member?

A chapters newsletter will be received by each full member and they will be able to participate in chapter events as well as activities, have voting rights, receive jet wings, and will be invited to attend the annual convention held somewhere within the world.

An associate member is a full member of a specific chapter that wants to join another chapter in order to stay connected with friends from a different area. Voting rights by associate members are only valid by the chapter in which they have full membership. However, associate members will receive newsletters of the other chapters in which they join and can also participate in the chapters events and activities.

A member at large is someone who does not live near one of Pan Am’s world wing chapters, yet wants to stay connected to friends and members of their Pan Am family. Members at large are invited to attend the annual convention and will also receive jet wings and the official newsletter of world wings.

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Log into your world wings international Inc. member account online by using your username and password. Visit to either login or register for your own personal account. Once verified, you will have 24 hour day access anywhere you have Internet service and either a computer or smart device.