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World Wings International, Inc. is proud to partner with CARE in the struggle to end global poverty. CARE is one of the world's largest private international humanitarian organizations.

Mothers Help Deliver Lasting Change Around The World!

Our meeting was for support of the following issues:

As partners with CARE, all members of World Wings International are invited to attend the 2015 CARE National Conference, which will be held on May 12-13 at the Washington Hilton Hotel, Washington, D.C. The theme this year is "Mothers Help Deliver Lasting Change Around the World!"

"The 2015 CARE National Conference will celebrate and honor mothers around the world. Mothers are the foundation and cornerstone of families everywhere. We will speak out for moms across the globe and ensure that they have access to maternal health services and the programming they need to improve their lives, their family's lives and the well-being of the whole community. We will gather in Washington, D.C. right after Mother's Day to pay tribute to mothers as they deliver lasting change everywhere!"

Please see the link above that includes the conference schedule, registration and hotel information, and details of the events. Keynote speakers will be Pulitzer Prize winners Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, who will address issues affecting women and girls globally. Networking and Legislative Briefings will be followed by a Gala Reception and Dinner. The conference will conclude with a visit to Capitol Hill for a Congressional Lunch and a chance to meet with members of congress to raise our voices on issues affecting women and mothers.

Ticket prices are listed on the registration form, and a percentage of each event's ticket cost is tax deductible. For those interested in attending, please complete your individual registration form and submit, along with your payment, directly to CARE.

Alicia Smith and Miami CARE Advocates Meet with Pedro M. Villa, Regional Director for Sen. Bill Nelson

Left to right - Alicia Cubota Smith, Florida Biscayne Bay Chapter, World Wings International, Pedro M. Villa, Regional Director, Sen. Bill Nelson and CARE Advocates
Our meeting was for support of the following issues:

Humanitarian Crisis in Syria
Food and Nutrition Security for all through food aid reform
Preventing gender-based violence globally.

Malya Villard-Appolon's situation was used as an example of gender-violence of Haitian women. Mr. Villa was very aware of Haiti and the Haitian women's indignities expressing Senator Nelson and his wife are very sympathetic to Haiti. The Senator and his wife have traveled to the region approximately 3 or 4 times since the earthquake the latest visit being as recent as 6 months ago. Mr. Villa ssured us that he would give Sen. Nelson the information along with a copy of the Letter to the Editor entitled Women bear brunt of Haiti's turmoil.

Alicia Cubota Smith, President
Florida Biscayne Bay Chapter
World Wings International


After five years of planning and waiting, five World Wingers finally did it! We ventured off to Ecuador for a Donor Trip, piloted by our CARE liaison, Andie Bobb.

On Monday, March 24, 2014 Pam White (ATL), Terri Hayes (MIA), Rexanne Gibson (SEA), Ellen Wenk (HFL), and yours truly, Julie Watson (VP Charity) ventured into the highlands of Ecuador to visit our first of five CARE projects.

First stop, Ibarra and the Maternal Health Project where we witnessed dedicated CARE staff members providing educational maternal health classes, combined with a sterile, yet warm and relaxing facility for women to deliver healthy and happy babies.

Our visit to Ibarra also included a visit to the Gender Equality Project, where local women are finding there “voice” and working together to end domestic violence in their community.

Our journey continued as we set into the countryside to visit Papallacta to visit CARE’s PRAA project where the local residence are learning to adjust to climate change and agricultural adaptation.  It is amazing to see what they are now learning to cultivate and sustain life in the midst of their changing climate.  It was inspiring.

Not all of CARE’s projects are in the country; we were amazed to learn of Guayaquil’s SIGRU project helping local residences living in an economic disadvantaged neighborhood to deal with disaster relief.  As a result of a lack of secure and adequate infrastructures, these areas are often plagued with floods, and damage due to earthquake tremors.  These communities are now equipped with a safety response team of volunteers to deal with such emergencies.

On the last leg of our enlightened week, we traveled back to the highlands of Ecuador to Cuenca, a picturesque colonial city that harbors many retired American ex-pates. Not far from the city of Cuenca in the province of Cañar, we visited the CARE Water Project.  This is also an astonishing project where local communities have come together under CARE’s leadership and turn their lives around to develop a very sophisticated water management program.  Many homes are now equipped with clean running water, new piping, a filtration system and water testing expertise.  In the past, residents had to travel to a local well for water, which was often contaminated, now many have their own water supply at their home. (Not necessarily inside the home)

There is no end to the accomplishments that CARE has brought to world.  As World Wingers, we can all be proud of the hundreds of smiles we have brought to the faces of the people we have touched with our donations.  During our visit to Ecuador, we all had tears in our eyes as we listened to the stories from the warm and loving people that we met, knowing in our hearts, that we “helped” in some small way to better their lives.

If I was not dedicated to CARE before...I am now dedicated more than ever!  And, if I had one wish...It would be that every World Wings member had a chance to go on a Donor Trip and see the smiles that I have seen, then feel the warmth, the hugs, and the love!

With Love from Ecuador

Julie Watson
VP Charity
World Wings International, Inc.

PS:  I attempted to translate “World Wings” in Spanish, but it came out “Las Alas del Mundo”....the “The Wings of the World”...I surmise that to those in need we are!

2014 CARE National Conference

2014 CARE National Conference &
International Women's Day Celebration
March 5 & 6, 2014
Washington Hilton
Washington, D.C.

Registration is now open for our 2014 conference!


Your voice is needed in Washington, D.C. on March 5 and 6! Gather with a group of like-minded CARE supporters to deliver key messages to our U.S. policymakers. You'll bring real change to the global poor and make a meaningful impact in the lives of poor girls and women, their families, and communities around the world.



I hope you'll join us in Washington, D.C. this March by registering on our website right now.
  • March 5: On the first day of the conference, we'll learn about the challenges poor people face each day and how CARE's making a difference.
  • March 6: Equipped with knowledge and stories from the field, spend the last day of the conference delivering our valuable message on Capitol Hill.

Interested in joining us March 5 and 6? Want to celebrate International Women's Day by speaking out for women and girls around the world? Register today!


First Ladies Summit in Tanzania

The global poverty-fighting organization CARE welcomed first lady Michelle Obama, former first lady Laura Bush and other dignitaries to the African First Ladies Summit in Tanzania. Held in Dar es Salaam today and Wednesday, the Bush Institute's "Investing in Women: Strengthening Africa" Summit highlights successful practices that have helped women in Africa achieve economic self-sufficiency.  Click here to read more.

CARE Reflections ~ 2013

by Julie Watson, International VP Charity
World Wings International, Inc. 

I always look forward to going to Washington DC for the CARE and International Women’s Day Conference; however, this year held some additional excitement for me.
First, I had the opportunity to meet our new Care Liaison, Andie Bobb, Director of Development, Southeast Region. Andie is everything I knew she would be, dynamic, enthusiastic, and she loves World Wingers. Andie is working hard to re-connect and strengthen the bond between World Wings and CARE.
Next, thanks to Andie and her tireless work, Norma Simon and I attended a special reception for CARE partners, sponsors & supporters hosted by his Excellency François Delattre, Ambassador of France at the Maison Française. Following the reception attendees preceded to the Embassy Theater for the viewing of a new documentary film entitled, Girl Rising.
Girl Rising is a groundbreaking film, directed by Academy Award nominee Richard Robbins, which tells the stories of 9 extraordinary girls from 9 countries, written by 9 celebrated writers and narrated by 9 renowned actresses. Girl Rising showcases the strength of the human spirit and the power of education to change the world. For more information on this exceptional and heartwarming film, I recommend that everyone take the opportunity to explore this film in detail at
Last, but not the least, World Wingers can be proud of our attendance at the CARE Conference, boosting fourteen attendees. Three of our attendees were first timers and are now “hooked” on the wonderful programs CARE delivers around the world to fight global poverty through empowerment and education. The Conference is yet another way for us to connect with our fellow World Wingers by sharing our common goal of prosperity for all humankind, and strengthening our own deep and lasting friendship for each other.
The Conference this year focused on providing incredible skill building sessions giving us resources and knowledge to become effective advocates. Experts from many fields presented sessions that furnished us insights and perspectives on today’s most pressing issues, with additional tools and vital information that prepared us for our trip to Capitol Hill.
 Although my feet hurt after a long day of walking around Capitol Hill, but my heart was full of pride and joy knowing that I had accomplished my mission of advocating for CARE’s position on “Gender Based Violence” and continued support for Foreign Aid to developing countries. My feet forgave me knowing it was well worth the effort.

CARE Action Network Newsletter Featuring WWI Member Christina Goldstein from Miami Beach, FL!


January & February CAN Update


We're kicking off the New Year with a new format and delivery system for our newsletter – we hope you like it! In this issue, check out the latest update on this year's CARE International Women's Day Conference and Celebration and learn what CARE advocates have been doing across the country to help combat global poverty.

Have you registered for the 2013 CARE National Conference & International Women's Day Celebration yet? It's not too late! Join us to honor the advances girls and women have made - and ask Congress to help build on these successes. Visit to register and learn more.
Exciting Conference Update!

We just confirmed world-class journalist Dana Bash,
CNN’s Chief Congressional Correspondent as our featured speakers! Other speakers include former Senate Majority Leader and CARE Leadership Council member Senator Bill Frist (TN), Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson, as well as retired Congresswoman and CARE Leadership Council member Representative Lynn Woolsey (CA).
Making a Difference at Home
CAN Advocates mobilize quickly to protect foreign assistance and support international family planning

As the 112th Congress came to a close and lawmakers debated budget cuts, CAN advocates mobilized quickly and sent nearly 16,000 emails to their policymakers, urging their members of Congress to protect the foreign assistance budget. CARE advocates also successfully encouraged 17 members of Congress to sign a letter asking President Obama to support increased funding for domestic and international family planning. Finally, CAN advocates successfully helped defeat Senator Rand Paul’s (KY) Amendment to Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief, which would have cut $9 billion in foreign assistance funding.

Welcome new Chair Christina Goldstein from Miami Beach, FL!
As a member of World Wings International, the philanthropic organization of former Pan Am flight attendants, I traveled to Vietnam and Cambodia in early 2005 with a CARE projects learning tour. It was amazing. The global CARE staff and their accomplishments were remarkable.  That May, with 13 other World Wingers, I participated in my first CARE Conference and Capitol Hill Day, in Washington DC.  As citizens we lobbied Congress on poverty-fighting legislative issues.  I count these two 2005 trips as lifetime experience highlights.  I have attended every CARE Conference since.

News You Can Use
  • CAN Chair Janet Glavin’s compelling Op-Ed on the need to end child marriage in the Peoria Journal.
  • Check out the ONE Campaign’s blog highlighting CAN Chair Jill Gordon’s district meetings in the offices of Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL). Jill was joined by advocates from ONE and Oxfam.
  • Sunit Neogy from CARE India discusses the importance of working with men and boys in the movement to fight gender-based violence. Take a look!
Members of Congress visit CARE programs in South Africa
CARE and ONE hosted a Congressional Delegation over the February recess in Johannesburg, South Africa. Here they are arriving at a CARE health services clinic, which offers HIV testing, counseling and support groups. The group included Senators Isakson (R-GA), Coons (D-DE) and Reps. Bass (D-CA) and Sewell (D-AL).
CAN Chairs, have you received your 2013 Advocacy Packets with helpful tools to get you started for the year? If not, contact your Regional Advocacy Coordinator today!


Give a Gift this Holiday Season

If you are inclined to make a holiday gift to your favorite charity, please know that CARE is again offering an opportunity to double your holiday gift to end poverty.  This opportunity is available now and goes on until December 31, 2012. 
We World Wingers are dedicated CARE partners and really like our money to do double duty.  Consider making your gift through our organization by sending a check, payable to World Wings International, to:
Sally Andersen, International Treasurer
89 Southwind Circle
Richmond, CA  94804.  Make out the check to WWI and mark on the the memo line CARE Year-end Match.
Prior to  the December 31st deadline, Sally Andersen will send a check to cover all received donations to CARE.  This check will be a World Wings check so it will enhance our organization's yearly donation to CARE.
If you prefer to donate to CARE directly and in honor of World Wings International, go to and follow the directions. nbsp; Either way, you will make a positive impact on the lives of many people in the developing world.  Either way, your gift is tax deductible.
We thank you for considering this opportunity and send our best holiday wishes.
With warm regards,
Jane Euler, President
Julie Watson-Helms, VP Charity

Helene Gayle's Message to World Wings International Members:

New video information about CARE’s Immediate Disaster Response:

When disaster strikes, CARE is there; some little known facts about CARE's emergency relief work.

In emergencies, CARE is among the first to arrive and the last to leave, not only providing relief, but helping communities rebuild to prevent future crises. Watch the video about our emergency relief work:


CARE Conference 2012 — Reflections

by Julie Watson-Helms, Vice President, Charity

Dr. Helene D. Gayle (right), President and CEO of CARE USA chats with World Wings Attendees at the reception

Going to Washington D.C., our nation’s capital is always an exciting experience, but going to visit our representatives on Capitol Hill is exhilarating.  The 2012 CARE Conference was my third trip to Capitol Hill to advocate for the end of global poverty by empowering women, and by no means less invigorating than my first.

The first night of the Conference started with the viewing of the PBS production, Pray the Devil Back to Hell. The film tells the story of Nobel Peace Prize winner Leymah Gbowee and other Liberian women who organized a movement that ended a bloody conflict, and brought down a dictator Charles Taylor, ultimately bringing peace to their country. The film exemplified the power of women when they bond together and how grassroots activism can alter the history of a nation.  I recommend this film be seen by all our World Wings members, and can be viewed on the PBS website.

The next morning breakfast was served at 7:30 a.m. with a panel discussions on the CARE “talking points”. “Talking points”, are what the trip to Congress is all about...they are the critical issues that affect women and girls globally, and CARE mission worldwide.  This year’s main issue was asking Congress not to cut the U.S. Foreign Aid Budget.  Most American’s believe that the U.S. spends 10% - 20% of our budget overseas, yet the reality... it is only about 1.5%.

According to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, humanitarian aid is a "down payment on American leadership in a changing world" as well as an issue of economic prosperity and national security.

More than 150 CARE supporters climbed onto buses and ventured off to Capitol Hill to educate the most influential members of Congress, making this year's conference a strategic and effective event. We met with 153 Congressional offices and our collective voices resonated on Capitol Hill!

After a busy and productive day on the “Hill”, the World Wingers attended a reception at the Indonesian Embassy.  CARE's President and CEO Dr. Helene Gayle addressed the participants in a thoughtful and motivational speech saying, "You help us amplify our voices in the field," and praised supporters and mentioned World Wings International by name, for their enthusiastic and continual support of CARE.  She ended by requesting and reminding us all to "Remember not to remain silent. Remember to use your voices – sometimes that's all we have."



Board members met with Shannon Darke, the WWI liaison, at CARE headquarters in Atlanta on April 15th.  Members of the Atlanta chapter joined the Board as an update of CARE's plans for the future were discussed.  At the meeting Siri Jacobsen, V.P. Charity, presented Dr. Helene Gayle, CARE President/CEO with a check.

The Atlanta chapter invited the Board members to a delightful Brazilian bar-b-que party after the meetings were adjourned.


Since its founding in 1959, World Wings chapters have raised more than $3 million for local charities and for CARE.

Following a long Pan Am tradition of global humanitarian assistance, World Wings selected CARE as its international charity in 1994.  No one could predict just how active this partnership was to be become!  CARE is the organization's principal charity to which all chapters contribute.  World Wings is solidly committed to global education and gender equity and was one of the first organizations to underwrite the CARE Fund for Global Education.
Individual chapters of World Wings International support their own local charities that include hospitals, shelters, day care centers, museums, schools, medical research, hospices, children's homes and soup kitchens.

World Wingers raise money for good causes with an array of events from parties, sports competitions, garage sales, special events, fashion shows, auctions and sales of airline memorabilia, DVDs, calendars, clothing, cookbooks, and more.  An important fundraiser is the Uniforms for Charity project where World Wings' extensive uniform collection is available for special events.

The major source of fundraising is the annual international charity drawing, with exciting luxury prizes donated by members, airlines, hotels, resorts, artists and retailers.  Chapters receive a percentage of their members' ticket sales for their recognized local charities.  The remainder goes to CARE.

World Wingers offer more than funding to these charities - members can be found hosting a party for disadvantaged kids, renovating a shelter, helping out in a soup kitchen, or collecting clothing for women re-entering the work force.

World Wings continues a proud history of commitment to the world that Pan Am flight attendants were so privileged to see.  During the "Golden Age of Flying" Pan Am's women and men were working in refugee camps in Asia, orphanages in Latin America and schools in India.  Today, that commitment is even stronger.  World Wingers still work together in a common cause, buoyed by the bonds of friendship forged years ago.