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"Not your ordinary garage sale" began as a fundraiser slogan for Hawaii Worldwingers, but in ten years has developed into probably one of the best gigs in town.
The annual event held this year on February 22 has attracted hundreds of followers who seek bargains and deals, but also unique, unusual and unused items.
There's even a "frequent shopper" group. One couple said they always check Craigslist for the garage sale at McKinley High School. They're there at 7:30 am every year and have stories of the woman distributing numbers; the woman in the wheelchair who entered from the back door; and the man with the dog. They like the variety of items, the bargains, and they like the cleanliness of items. This year they spent $80, including a $40 pair of brand new men's shoes and a $1 silver candy dish that had two other items taped to it. Improvements? They suggest having more than two cashiers. (There were six this year. "Really?")
And, they believe in St. Francis Hospice.
Ninety percent of all proceeds are donated to the volunteer program at St. Francis Hospice and ten percent goes to CARE International. Additionally, a $1000 college scholarship is awarded to a McKinley High School senior. 
"In our aging society, many members have used the services of hospice for their families; and the love and care they receive from these dedicated volunteers has encouraged our members to work for this charity," said Betty Santoki, president of the Hawaii Chapter.
Lillian Nishikawa, fundraiser chairman and chapter vice-president, added, "We would like to thank everyone who worked at the garage sale and who brought in all the donations. It was hard work, but it was all worth it."
Members are invited to attend the next chapter meeting on April 11 to find out how much our treasures were worthy.
* Excerpted from the Hawaii Chapter Newsletter, Volume 37, No. 2, April 2015. 
Miami Chapter member Dr. Eileen Ramseran has received high honors recently from the White House for her volunteer community services.

Attached is the award she received from President Barrack Obama, The President's Call To Service Award and her photos of her PhD graduation ceremony.

As many of you know, Eileen studied internal medicine while still flying for Pan Am and is the medical director of the North Miami Beach Medical Center - Mercy Mobile Clinic one of the local charity our chapter supports. For more information go to

Congratulations Eileen. We are inspired and very proud of you!

Click here to read the President's Letter
Click here to see the President's Award

The Seattle chapter celebrated May by going to a Mexican Restaurant and walked across the street to one of the more famous nurseries in the area Molbaks´s and had a guided tour given to us by a lady who had taken Pan Am to London on her honeymoon and was so happy to give us the tour for free.

Florida Treasure Coast
The Florida Treasure Coast chapter's fund raising efforts were written about in the Luminaries Section of the Stuart News on January 6, 2014. The included photo shows five very tired but happy World Wingers after having earned a record amount for the chapter charity at the annual r charity at the annual holiday fundraiser at the Stuart Corinthian Yacht Club on December 9.

Ten Miami Chapter Members in Uniforms through the ages decorated the beautiful “Pan Am Float” in the 2013 Jr. Orange Bowl Parade on December 1st.

We all received an adrenaline rush from the warm and enthusiastic reception of the people lining the streets of Coral Gables and sang along to our Pan Am theme music “YOU CAN’T BEAT THE EXPERIENCE!”

The Junior Orange Bowl celebrated the 65th Parade through downtown Coral Gables, this year’s theme “Illumination Spectacular” a nighttime event under a tropical sky.

The annual Parade is the flagship event of the Junior Orange Bowl Festival Season, which consists of nearly 20 athletic, academic, and cultural youth events that are all held in South Florida.

This year it featured a lineup of more than 60 bands, floats, cheer groups, youth groups, cars and even airplanes! The march this year was lead by original members of the Tuskegee Airmen, who served as the 65th Parade Grand Marshals.

Recently the Miami Chapter Board members pictured below held a post convention board meeting at Irene’s house.

Those of us that attended the Orlando Convention introduced the “WWI Polo Shirt” in the Boutique. Many of you or your chapter delegates expressed interest regarding purchasing and reselling this Polo Shirt with our beautiful embroidered WWI logo at your own Christmas Party or Holiday Bazaar.

This beautiful shirt makes a great stocking stuffer for the upcoming Holidays and would be a nice present for a fellow World Wings or Pan Am friend.

We are now having a Holiday Sale so take a look and get that special deal!

For your convenience, click here for the  “Miami Polo Shirt Sale Order Form” with all the necessary information.

If you have any questions please e mail me and thank you for taking part in this WWI fundraising project.

Click here view a slide show or album of snapshots taken at the event.

The 40th Annual Spring Luncheon, held at Battery Gardens in Manhattan in May was a memorable event. World Wings members and guests gathered for the cocktail hour on the restaurant’s terrace, a perfect setting. With the sun shining overhead and the Statue of Liberty visible in the distance across the water, we renewed friendships with World Wings members from around the world, had the pleasure of making new acquaintances, and enjoyed an excellent three-course meal. We were joined by Pete Runnette, President of the Pan Am Historical Foundation, and Nancy Hult Ganis, producer of the TV series “Pan Am.” Manhattan Chapter President Carol Young welcomed everyone and presided over the program. The luncheon, attended by 275 World Wings members and guests, generated a significant contribution to our charities. In addition to our on-going international charity, CARE, we will be contributing for the first time to two new charities recently selected by our Manhattan Chapter members. The NY Women’s Foundation provides a variety of services to women in need. Puppies Behind Bars trains prison inmates to raise service dogs for wounded vets. We thank Luncheon Chairperson Gladys Picket, photographer Robert A. Genna, all those at the sign-in tables and those who made the rounds selling the raffle tickets, for a successful luncheon. As a finale, Inger Sloan provided us with special Pan Am lyrics to “Those Were the Days,” and we joined together in song. It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Barbara Beckwith. Barbara flew out of New York for many years. She was a unique personality. We wish you all a wonderful summer and look forward to our first fall meeting.

Bangkok years. She was a unique personality. We wish you all a wonderful summer and look forward to our first fall meeting.

From the Land of Smiles, we’re all still smiling and happy to be a chapter. After successfully opening a bank account, which was no easy task, we have moved on to select a charity to sponsor. Guia Academia-Andresen, our President, had seen an article in The Bangkok Post, a leading Englaish language newspaper in Thailand, about a charity called “Because I’m a Girl.” She researched the charity and learned it supports girls in developing countries. This seemed a perfect fit with our goals at WWI. We hope that in the next issue of Jet Wings, we will have more to say about our selected charity. In addition to bank accounts and charities, we are energetically working on the details of the 2014 Bangkok Convention. The Convention Committee took International Board members Bruce Gately and Holly Hilton on a whirlwind tour around Bangkok to show them what is available for our WWI members. We are looking forward to making our presentation in Orlando. See you there!

Long Island
This year has been a very good one for the Long Island Chapter so far. We had a luncheon meeting every month with no cancellations due to bad weather! We even had to find a larger restaurant with a “quiet table” for our meetings at Finley’s of Green Street in Huntington Village. After we added 8 new members last year we just welcomed 4 more! Now about 15 members attend the meetings instead of 8 or 10. A donation was sent to our charity “Angel Flight NE”  which was double last year’s donation thanks to Dorli Retinger’s PAA/WW car decals and our annual calendar sales. In May 11 of us went to the Manhattan Chapter Spring Luncheon at the Battery Gardens restaurant. We had a great day renewing old friendships and making new ones. The view of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Governors Island and Staten Island with many boats in the water was spectacular. Also in May Mariana Holubar invited us to her beautiful home in Old Field for a luncheon meeting. The rain arrived sooner than predicted so we could not use the deck and everything had to be moved inside - we all got wet on the way home. Therefore Mariana wants us all back for a repeat in September! In June we are once again invited by the Clipper Pioneers to join them at their Annual Luncheon in Port Jefferson at Schafer’s fish restaurant with a great view where one can watch the ferries from Connecticut arrive. Finally, before our summer break we’ll have our “social gathering” in June at the beautiful beachfront home of Jean McCormick in Westhampton Beach. Theresa Brennan will coordinate the “cold luncheon buffet” and all of us look forward to buying Theresa’s famous home-made marmalade with proceeds supporting our local charity. Inger Sloan offered to have us come to her house in Centerport, depending on her flight schedule. As of this date our VP Rosemary Wells will be our delegate at the Orlando Convention.

Two of the many benefits of hosting a convention are a renewed sense of collegiality among members and a sense of purpose in participating in chapter activities. Our membership covers SW Washington State, all of Oregon and some from California. Our annual business meeting on March 16 brought back members to enjoy a slide presentation of many of our most fun moments at the convention: finding colleagues from our flying days at the cocktail party, line dancing in western garb, and circulating among vintage aircraft in fancy dress from the ‘40s or in our uniforms. Lots of smiles! Our convention attracted the attention of Portland Monthly magazine and we look forward to a positive article and photos in their upcoming edition. Our third annual “Giving Day” was attended by several members and as always is a rewarding experience. Our checks were bigger this year and the recipients were visibly moved knowing how many more services they can provide for the women and children in desperate need: the Bradley Angle House which provides for the basic needs of domestic violence survivors and their children and the Children’s Center which assesses and supports children and families in suspected cases of abuse. Their important needs are ongoing and we are proud to help. Between events our Chapter has begun occasional and informal Happy Hour gatherings at local Portland restaurants. It is becoming an easy way to both plan and attend a get-together with other members. We look forward to our annual summer party at Jan and Courtley Guerci’s lovely garden home.

San Diego
Our first outing of the year was on June 13th. Ten of us met at the Leo Carillo Ranch in Carlsbad, California to tour with a docent covering the 23 acres of this historic park. The Ranch was originally bought by Leo Carillo (whom you might remember as Pancho on the “Cisco Kid” T.V. series).  We had a picnic lunch and discussed our plans for future meetings. We plan to go next to “The Grand Tradition” in Fallbrook in August. It is a famous garden and home tour. We will then have our traditional bingo bash in September, our Thanksgiving luncheon and Christmas shopping at Canterbury Gardens followed by the Christmas party/auction in December. On June 8th San Diego Chapter was honored again by The Turning Point home for recovering alcoholic women at their annual Butterfly Banquet. We were privileged to be able to donate generously to them this year. Wishing you Blue Skies.

Lake Tahoe
The Lake Tahoe chapter is alive and well! After the sad passing of our president, Jean Hunt, last September, Joan LeBlanc agreed to be our new president. The Treasurer is Eileen Meuris. We had our Christmas party at the beautiful house of June and Don Wexler in Zephyr Cove, Nevada. In April we met at a seafood restaurant in Incline Village. Our July meeting will be a salad potluck at the home of Eileen Meuris, where among other things, we will be planning our late summer picnic on the shores of Lake Tahoe. We are all looking forward to a great year!

A group of us from the Paris Chapter participated in the FIHCA, (Fédération Internationale des Hôtesses et Convoyeuses de L’Air) annual convention in Saint Petersburg, Russia in May. We learned that the Tsars lived lavishly so it’s no wonder that all of this led to a Revolution. We learned a lot from our English-speaking Russian guide who spent 5 days with us. Not much is rosy for most Russians today. The cost of living is high which means they don’t have much spending money. 40% of families still share apartments today. Although Russia is extremely rich in natural resources it seems that much of it is controlled by their mafia and the general population is not profiting from it. It may be a couple of generations before the Russians get used to this new lifestyle. They, however, seem to love their freedom. One warning – beware of debit and credit card fraud if traveling in Russia. Pre-paid cards and good old travelers checks may be better options as many in our group were victimized and some were not aware of it until after they returned home.

Members at Large
The MALs are eagerly anticipating the fabulous Orlando Convention which will be upon us in a few short months. Conventions are the primary venue to meet and share our experiences from our past and current lives. This time of year is especially important to us. Once again, let’s meet after our business meeting for photos and memories. Orlando is the ideal venue to remember our youthful years at Pan Am. Just as we had a fantasy-filled life style when we flew for Pan Am, the Orlando Convention will be another opportunity to have those memories come alive. Epcot, with its round-the-world showcase, will bring the countries we visited during our flying years come alive. The MALs look forward to reuniting once again.

Florida Biscayne Bay
Florida’s youngest chapter continues to celebrate its commitment to World Wings ideals, with monthly get-togethers (2nd Wednesday) and charitable donations. Whether dining at our usual restaurant on Biscayne Bay or meeting at members’ homes, the South Florida “Bay” theme is always present. We welcome visitors! Having continuous contact with former Tokyo Chapter members who are now FBB Members, we keep up to date with our friends, proving that our World Wings ties are strong and distance will not sever them. Approximately 8 of our members are planning to attend the Orlando Convention, including two from Tokyo. We are proud to continue the association with our two charities, The Goldin Foundation and CARE. Six of the advocates who attended this year’s CARE Conference were either members or guests of FBB members. See you in Orlando!

After receiving our charter from the International Board of directors in April, the first official meeting of the Houston Chapter of World Wings International was held at the home of Wanda Dunn, on May 18, 2013. Those in attendance were: Joanne Flynn, Nanette Bledel, Wanda Dunn, Linda Bell, Maria Del Castillo, Jennie Tuschman, Dian Groh, Lola Pogue, Tee Couch, Edie Stavinoha, Linda Starr, Sally Stubbs, Judy Mangum, Susan Gaertner, Susie Wilson, Marianne Shagrue,  and Ceci Twachtman. Introductions were made including where we were based, when we flew and what jobs we held. Volunteers for leadership roles, future meetings and ideas for a local charity were all discussed. Linda Starr was selected as President, Dian Groh as Secretary, Edie Stavinoha as Treasurer and Maria Del Castillo as Membership. The next meeting will be hosted by Dian Groh at the Houston 1940 Air Terminal Museum. Can’t wait to hear about the exiting experiences all have had since Pan Am. What fantastic, fascinating females! I am so pleased to get to know you and those who choose to join WWI HOU! Keeping the memories alive. May Pan Am go on forever.

We try to keep a programme that is a mixture of “home” lunches and outings to various places of interest. The weather has not been kind to our arrangements this year though I expect no one will find that surprising in England. Our January lunch had to be cancelled due to snow and ice. In March we joined one of the famous London Walks. This is probably the most interesting part of London because there is so much history and there are still traces of it in the narrow winding lanes and architecture. It was however a freezingly cold day so we were happy to warm up in a very old pub for a cosy “carvery“ lunch. Three lunches at member’s homes were well attended and much enjoyed. April rather unexpectedly had the warmest weather but a return to cold and rain in May spoiled the idea of a garden lunch! We are keeping our fingers crossed for our summer party in the countryside near Cambridge but maybe we will take our sweaters and “wellies” as well as our swimming costumes as insurance. At the moment we have six members planning to attend the Orlando convention so hope to be seeing many old friends, sorry that should read – many long- time friends!

Heart of Florida
THE FISHER HOUSE…ONE PERSON MADE THIS HAPPEN…and Heart of Florida Supported her Cause. What is a Fisher House? A Fisher House is a residence that houses America’s military families in their time of need and provides “a home away from home” for family members to be close to a loved one during hospitalization for an illness, disease or injury. In addition, a Fisher House depends solely on charitable and public donations. This year the Heart of Florida Chapter chose this deserving charity because of our concern for the many wounded military men and woman. The financial backer for the establishment of Fisher Houses across the country is Zachery Fisher of New York. In 1990, he learned from Pauline Trost, wife of Admiral Carlisle Trost, then Chief of Naval Operations, that inexpensive or even free accommodations for relatives of the wounded were in dire need. Mrs. Trost recalls that she was always concerned about where the families visiting the enlisted military personnel in the hospital would stay. Motels are not only expensive but also not very homey. She felt the need for a comfortable “family” environment was paramount and brought the idea to Fisher’s attention. Fisher embraced the idea and sprang into immediate action to provide the financial backing to get the program started. Last year the program served 10,000 families. Since 1990, 4,690,000 days of lodging have been provided for military families. Heart of Florida member, Pauline Furey, is proud to call Mrs. Trost a dear long-time friend. While Mrs. Trost is very modest about her accomplishment, she and the Navy wives who enthusiastically helped her get the program started should be acknowledged. The Heart of Florida Chapter is proud to say they raised monies for the new Fisher House currently under construction in Gainesville, Florida due to open in October 2013.

Los Angeles
The Los Angeles Chapter began 2013 with our meeting at The Cannery in Newport Beach. Brooke Walker arranged this lovely venue for our meeting. Jackie Brown hosted our February meeting at her fabulous home in Palos Verdes Estates. Veronica Von Grosse was our host for our March meeting in Laguna Niguel. Our Teal and Pink Walk was a huge success with almost 100 walkers raising funds to support cancer research! Anna Gunther hosted our May meeting in her beautiful English garden. Over 40 members and guests were at the meeting. Shirley Zellmer was our June meeting host at her home on the golf course in Huntington Beach. July and August are travel months for many LA members. Our next official function will be in September when we will present a check for cancer research to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA. We are excited to have Phillip Keene as our host for our September meeting at his home in Los Feliz. And we look forward to seeing so many World Wings members in Orlando at the convention!  Our November meeting will be held in Anthony Toth’s Pan Am First Class mockup. We’ll have plenty of flight attendants to serve us! Susan Taylor Davis has offered to host our December holiday party at her harbor view home in Palos Verdes. 2013 is shaping up to be a wonderful year for our chapter. We have many interesting events and meetings planned. Several members will be attending the opening night of “Catch Me If You Can” at the Segerstrom Center, South Coast Plaza, in June. And, we’ll be wearing our uniforms! The Segerstrom Center for the Arts has planned a backstage “photo op” with the cast! One more urgent note – we want to get the word out to everyone that Shirley Zellmer is waiting for a stem cell donor match. Please visit the website for info regarding potential donors.

Oslo Chapter
This year we had an old-fashioned winter in Norway with lots of snow and beautiful sunshine but it was very cold. We had fun going to see a movie – “The Untouchables” -– which we highly enjoyed. Afterwards we went to a picturesqe restaurant and had French onion soup and red wine, looking out at the white covered trees. In March The Ridderenn – Ski for Light – had its 50 year anniversary and did a fantastic job for the handicapped. Ten of our Oslo Chapter members did a super job helping and Berit Berg was the perfect organizer. In June we had our annual summer party with a few hours of sunshine in the garden. We managed to get 35 of us together. We made an effort to get in touch with girls we hadn’t seen in years which we all enjoyed.

We began 2013 with a Twelfth Night Holiday Party in January held at Marilyn Slattery’s beautiful downtown Chicago Condo. We enjoyed a sumptuous meal and the best of company including a new member, Angela Ferre. The evening ended with a “Dirty Santa” grab bag. We continued to laugh all the way down to the end and no one could ever be quite sure what they’d really end up taking home. A small donation was made by all participating and the proceeds donated to our local chapter charities:  W.I.N.G.S (50%) and St. Joseph’s Home for the Elderly (50%). April brought the group together again to the Cadillac Palace Theater in Chicago to enjoy the Broadway Theater version of “Catch Me if You Can.” We were able to meet with two of the lead actors following the performance for an entertaining Q&A session. Memories came back for many about the actual events at Pan Am that were dramatized in the play. We are also very proud of Krys Luby because she was the solo Chicago Chapter member who was a “Super Gem” (someone who sells over $500 worth of raffle tickets) for the ICD in Portland. We plan to have our popular Landmark Scarves on sale and a drawing for a Pan Am Doll at the Chicago Chapter Boutique in Orlando.

New Jersey
We had good representation from our Chapter at the Portland Convention. The city Rosarians welcomed us with open arms and we embarked on a fun-filled weekend. With perfect weather every day we indulged in all the sights and wonderful events the Portland Chapter’s City of Roses had to offer. They worked tirelessly to make their convention a great success! And it WAS! Most of our members came through the year unscathed but Superstorm Sandy did a major amount of damage in our area, particularly our precious shoreline. Those who sustained the major damage were mostly in the South Jersey and low lying areas. The recovery efforts are slowly coming together. Two of our members, Birgit May and Pia Culligan, were severly impacted. It will take many months for them to recover and they have our undivided support. Our annual Christmas dinner took place at our favorite venue, the Brownstone in Paterson. All decked out in its luxurious Christmas décor we could not help but be in the most festive mood. We were fortunate to have over 40 members and guests attending. The side-table was overflowing with baskets of prizes as we concluded the evening with our customary drawing. All in all we had a very good year. Our sincere thanks go out to Margaretha Wexler and Ruthie Halo for their dedicated efforts to keep us moving forward with a good dose humor.

The year started with our post-Holiday Party at the Museum of Flight. It is such a perfect venue for this group and always has something new to see. This year it was the Space Shuttle Trainer. February brought in the “Year of the Snake” and our Seattle Chapter celebrated by going to a Chinese restaurant and enjoying a gift exchange. This is always a popular luncheon. Irmela Kohler, who lives on Queen Ann Hill with a fabulous view of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, hosted our April meeting. One of our local theaters revived the ‘60s play “Boeing Boeing” so 33 of us went to a matinee and were lucky enough to be there when they held a post-play discussion. We had a great time talking to the cast and producers! This brought us a new member who is a current employee of the theater and was formerly based in JFK in the ‘70s. Our June meeting featured legendary Boeing test pilot Brien Wygle, best known as the pilot of the first flights of the 737 and 747, and was held at the Boeing Seattle Training Center in Longacres. Flight crews from around the world come to this state-of-the-art facility for training. We toured the Training Center and saw the full-flight simulators and cabin safety and maintenance training classrooms. Capt. Wygle went on to be Boeing’s chief pilot and then served as Vice President of Flight Test and Customer Service before retiring in 1990. He shared his many memories of working with Pan Am. He currently serves on the Museum of Flight Board of Trustees. This special day was arranged by members Marilyn Murphy and Sherry Saehlenou. Sherry is a trainer of the cabin crews in the emergency procedures for the new planes. Both ladies worked very hard to arrange this privileged experience. Sherry handled the security requirements while Marilyn coordinated the menu and venues which included her own flower arrangements showcased in Pan Am bags. What a day! Seattle Chapter will have their summer picnic in August and luncheon meetings the rest of year. We look forward to seeing everybody in Orlando.

Our new Board members, President, Debbie Randell; Vice President, Jan Kish; Treasurer,Vicki Moreland; and Communication/Membership Secretary, Pat Duffy were installed at a lovely Chapter spring luncheon in April. This concluded another successful year of ongoing World Wings activities and fund raising. Our very lucrative and most recent event was our annual “Whale of a Sale” held annually at a local church. Lots of “gently used” items donated by our members flew off the tables, netting a nice profit for our coffers. The rest of our Spring season has included scheduled hiking and walking groups. We continue to have a very active circle of weekly golfers. Some of us meet monthly for a shared movie night and also have a long-standing group of card and game players who convene once a month. We are fortunate to have so many wonderful museums and exhibits nearby and two of our members offer their time to organize outings to these destinations. Nearly all of our Chapter events generate funds for our charities, so while we enjoy our outings together we are on our way to a very active and productive year ahead.

Princeton/ Philadelphia
Like our fellow New Jerseyans, the Princeton/Philadelphia Chapter proved Stronger Than the Storm! 8 months after Hurricane Sandy we are thriving thanks to the dedication and generosity of our officers, members and the concern and care shown to us after the storm by World Wingers from around the globe. Our membership drive resulted in 6 new members and a 100% membership renewal rate. We held membership lunches and brunches in Philadelphia and Wilmington – one was hosted by Betty Riegal, author of a new book “Up In the Air.” Our fund-raising efforts are increasing and we raised additional funds at a St. Patrick’s Day party at Anne Sweeney’s. In honor of St. Patrick’s Roman heritage, Italian food was on the menu prepared by our guest chef Claudio Zancani of Genoa. We held a drawing for several prizes including two beautiful Pan Am bags donated by Pan Am Brands. With this and our contributions to last year’s prize drawing, led, as always, by Leslie Anding, we were able to contribute generously to our charity, Women for Afghan Women. We also joined with the New Jersey Chapter in urging World Wingers to support “Dine out New Jersey” in support of The Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund. Our own Leslie Anding is teamed with International VP Charity and Heart of Florida Chapter President Julie Watson to co-chair the upcoming Orlando Convention, October 17-20. Speaking of Julie, we loved seeing her at the Manhattan Luncheon where several of our members had a chance to thank her and Chris Goldstein of the Florida Biscayne Bay Chapter for spearheading the relief effort. This meant so much to World Wingers in New York and New Jersey who were hit by the hurricane. Best of all, we once again gathered at Alva Kappy’s beautiful beach house for our Annual Beach Day at Bay Head. Thanks to the dunes Alva’s family previously cultivated, there was minimal damage to the Kappy home. We lay on the beach, made a splash in the sea, and later, raised a glass to our hostess and to World Wings. We are, indeed, Stronger than the Storm.

Fort Lauderdale
In February we had a luncheon meeting in the Leopard Lounge of the Chesterfield Hotel in Palm Beach. We are all looking forward to the upcoming World Wings Convention in Orlando in October and many of us are making plans to attend. For April, Mary and Sherman Carr once again graciously opened their home for one of the highlights of South Florida, the Fort Lauderdale Air Show. This is always a very popular event and we had a record turnout. Members provided dishes for a buffet luncheon while we watched the airplanes perform overhead. Our end-of-the year luncheon meeting was held in May arranged by Marianne Victor who invited us to meet at her home for refreshments and then proceed to the Ballen Isles Club in Palm Beach Gardens for a delicious buffet. Although we are a rather small chapter, we are proud to announce that due to the generosity of our members, we were able to donate a fairly large amount to CARE.

A whirlwind of activities has put the Atlanta Chapter on “Road Trips!” Many of our members drove south to Columbus, GA, for the Broadway national tour production of “Catch Me If You Can.” We held a pre-show reception at the theater where the press, production members and cast all enjoyed champagne and first class hors d’oeuvres. The first class party and accommodations were orchestrated by Nancy McAllister with all of us arriving in our uniforms, or parts that fit. We waived to the audience with our white gloves and tossed our hats in the air on cue from the cast. In February we didn’t have to fly 2 hours to NYC for a culinary experience that rivals any of NYC’s finest restaurants. Nancy McAllister hosted her annual “farm” dinner with a theme this year of “I Love New York.” Guests were greeted by a Statue of Liberty holding a lit flaming torch. The menu included many NYC staples and WW members drew their seating from a selection of NYC landmarks. In May Chapter members drove to meet Chapter member and Tuscaloosa, Alabama resident Pam Askew at The Tuscaloosa Museum of Art, Home of the Westervelt Collection. Pam, a docent at the museum, gave us a personal tour and commentary of the 1000 works of fine and decorative art amassed by Jack Warner. The dinner Pam arranged in the Hemingway Room at the North River Golf Club with its opulence, filled with World Wings members and guests became a world in itself. Our member Beverly MacKay retired in February, just shy of 45 years of flying with National, Pan Am and Delta. The day she retired she became a volunteer for the USO in support of our troops. Congratulations and Best Wishes! Have fun with your feet on the ground. On a sad note, our friend and member Nancy Jo (Miller) Latsha lost her battle with pancreatic cancer and passed away in June. After Pan Am she became an 8th grade science teacher at the Webb School of Knoxville, Tennessee. We are now in the planning stages for our annual auction in support of CARE and our local charity, Atlanta Children’s Shelter. Earlier this year our President Leslie Manning and Treasurer Joan Policastro presented a substantial check to ACS. It made everyone smile. News flash – tune into our own Annita Stokes Thomas’ radio show “Travel Bags with Annita” on WDUN AM 550 in North Georgia and the Atlanta area or on line at WDUN.Com.

The Stockholm Chapter now has 44 members and we are very happy to note that we have a large number attending our meetings. Our annual meeting took place in May at the home of Margaretha Mellner. For the sixth consecutive year Margaretha hosted the very popular event. We are already looking forward to next year’s meeting. Our lunch meetings have also turned out to be a success. We meet up for lunch once a month in a restaurant in the center of Stockholm. It is always on the last Thursday of the month and any WWI members visiting Stockholm are very welcome to join us. We will have some of our members visiting the 2013 convention in Orlando.

Tropical greetings from the Miami Chapter to all our fellow World Wings friends. Time has flown by here in Miami for the last 6 months with many chapter activities. In February Pan Am Brands invited us to their grand opening of the “First Flight Out” exhibit in Coconut Grove. Our chapter members modeled vintage uniforms to the delight of everyone that attended. A beautiful timeline of the glory years of Pan Am decorates the store with a great collection of memorabilia including one of our Pan Am uniforms. Pan Am Brands donated two of their “Explorer Bags” for a drawing that benefitted our chapter charities. The “Mardi Gras” costume party at the German American Club was a fun activity.  Several of our members got serious and made an impact in Washington DC advocating for CARE at their annual conference in March. Also in March we had a general meeting in the beautiful Fairchild Tropical Garden and marveled at “Mother Nature” while conducting WWI business over lunch surrounded by exotic butterflies. In April we got inspired by the movie “Girl Rising,” the story of 9 girls in 9 different countries who overcome tremendous obstacles and whose lives were improved through educational programs. The old world charm and pioneer spirit of the Peacock Café was the backdrop for the April lunch meeting. All of us enjoyed the picture perfect weather of our Florida winter and the delicious cuisine. The FAMRI conference took place in Miami in May and 3 of our Miami Board members were invited to attend. Our President Renate Van Kempema took part in the ongoing study of second hand smoke affecting flight attendants who worked in smoke-filled aircraft. For more information go to A marathon Board meeting took place in May at our President’s home. Our last general meeting before the summer break was hosted by Berit Fournier in her lovely Coral Gables home with a “Lunch Around The World” Pan Am style catered by the members attending. The Miami chapter donated funds raised to two local charities: the North Miami Beach Medical Center and the Jessica June Children’s Cancer Foundation. 10% of all our funds were donated to CARE.  Several of us are looking forward to “Magical Moments” at the WWI Orlando Convention in October.

On June 22th six chapter members flew to Las Vegas to attend the stage play "Catch Me If You Can". We were met by four members already in Las Vegas and we all headed off to a delightful lunch. Then we headed to the new Smith Center where we attended the play. It was done to a "T" with excellent stage settings befitting Las Vegas and dancers/costumes that were outstanding.  Each of us enjoyed the play since it was so well performed and followed Frank Abagnale's story line closely.  There was a standing ovation from the appreciative audience.  Once outside we were off to the parking lot and were driven to the airport where we caught our flight home.  It was an exceptional and memorable day! On June 29th a BBQ was held at the home of Jane and Phelps Euler. Twenty-two attended. The evening was mild (after several days of 100 degree temperatures) and we were able to sit on the patio to enjoy the evening. Attending a San Francisco Giants game has become a yearly tradition and this year was no exception. Six of us cheered on the team but winning was not the order of the day for the team but it was for our group. We enjoyed tasty ballpark food, a beautiful, sunny day with a view of the Oracle America's Cup boat speeding on the waters of the Bay. What a sight! They move very swiftly. July 27th found the chapter enjoying a Day on the Delta at the home of Susan and Ward Proescher. The Sacramento Delta area is home to bountiful crops of corn, peaches and many other fruits and vegetables. Our day included a potluck lunch, a drive to the Farmer's Market, and a boat ride through the Delta waterways. Perfect temperatures, blue skies, bright sunshine and friendship were the order of the day. We're looking forward to the Orlando convention and enjoying the friendships we've made over the years.  Our thanks to the Heart of Florida chapter for hosting this years convention.

Dallas/Fort Worth
Spring 2013 was a very busy season for the DFW Chapter. Exciting events kept us on our toes like an opportunity to display our Pan Am memorabilia at the “Catch Me if You Can” Broadway series that came to Dallas in February. Several Chapter members provided Pan Am vintage menus, postcards, uniform items and other treasured Pan Am artifacts to the Music Hall at Fair Park where they were beautifully displayed at the entrance to the theater. As a thank you, 4 complimentary tickets to the opening night gala were given to our members. In February, 16 of our Chapter members attended the Sunday matinee performance. In April the DFW Chapter welcomed Jane Euler and the World Wings International Board to Dallas for their Spring Board Meeting. Willy Sandler and her husband graciously opened their home for a lovely reception and dinner highlighted by a birthday cake presentation to Norma Simon with Happy Birthday spelled out in Dutch. Also in April the Chapter held its annual Spring fundraiser with funds raised from the Silent Auction (coordinated by Diane Porterfield) and member donations benefitting our local charity, SafeHaven, a refuge from domestic violence. Karen Ball, Sam Cox, Tinet Crowell, Britt Lintner, Kathy Pearl and Willy Sandler modeled fashions from Chico’s. We finished the Spring season with a road trip to Fredericksburg, TX in May to meet with our members located throughout Texas who traveled from Houston, San Antonio and Horseshoe Bay to join the festivities. Diane Matthews and her husband hosted the 16 gals at their beautiful home. The Hangar Hotel served as our base and brought back the nostalgia of the good ‘ole flying days with a framed poster of the Pan Am China Clipper in the lobby and brass-rimmed clocks set to the correct times around the world. In addition, Susan Grossman, Renate Blatt, Barbara Shropshire and Tinet Crowell graciously hosted monthly meetings in their homes. Now we are all ready for a well-deserved summer break!

We’ve had several eventful meetings at members’ homes so far this year.  Carol Adams started us off in January with a wonderful luncheon at her lovely home followed by a meeting at Roxie Pastore’s lavish home where we were visited by a family of Javelinas (yes – 5 of them). Quite a sight to behold here in Arizona. They didn’t seem at all frightened by us but we made sure the fence was between us at all times! In March we had a really special meeting at Jennifer Looney’s home which she had decorated for St. Patrick’s Day and also donated raffle gifts for our 50/50! We’ve been having a 50/50 to make money for our charity Hospice of the Valley. PHX Chapter’s new officers are:  Tori Johnson-Kelso/President, Pat Bond/Vice President and our ever faithful Linda Bradley is still Treasurer. Natlee Grimley’s assistance in sending out our email communication is indispensable and can’t be overlooked.

Aloha from Hawai’i, as Mark Twain commented, “This is the most magnificent balmy atmosphere in the world …” We have worked hard and played a little this year too. As many of you know, the Honolulu Chapter held its annual garage sale during Presidents’ weekend and raised significant totals for CARE, a McKinley High School scholarship, and for St. Francis Hospice here in Honolulu. A few weeks later we had a fun wrap-up luncheon meeting at the Waialae Country Club. This is a lively session, critiquing our sale and throwing out ideas to help improve it. Currently, we have one of our special members in town (as she does not live here), Paula Helfrich of Burma. We are trying to take advantage of her vast knowledge of that region with a “Talk Story” meeting at a local restaurant which serves Burmese food. Paula is also a Pan Am history buff and since Honolulu was a major port and hub in the development of the entire Pacific system for Pan Am, we are arranging a tour of the old sites at Pearl Harbor Peninsula and Ford Island in Pearl Harbor. If you plan on coming to the Aloha Celebration next April, they are working on a similar idea for part of their activities. Included here is a photo from our garage sale with too many members present to identify and also a photo from our visit to the play ‘Boeing Boeing’ at the Manoa Valley Theatre. About 10 of us went to that performance in January wearing uniform bits and pieces. Only Inger Hojfeldt had a full uniform. The actresses were thrilled to meet “the real deal!”

Florida Treasure Coast
Sadly, after our annual Christmas celebration at the Corinthian Yacht Club we unexpectedly lost one of our members, Pam Fleming Hunt. We also said farewell to Frank Cassaniti, a long-time Pan Am employee and the husband of our member Mye. 2013 has been a busy year. We welcomed 3 new members and a returning member. In January, after our tour of the brand new sea turtle program in the Florida Oceanographic Society, we were treated to a lunch and informative talk by Mark Perry, the Executive Director. February saw us visiting and touring (and sampling, of course!) the only winery on the Central Florida East Coast, Endless Summer Vineyard and Winery. This family-owned winery uses the muscadine grape, the only one to grow naturally in Florida’s soils. We visited the world-class Norton Museum of Art in Palm Beach in March. After lunch at their Cafe 1451, we toured two exhibits, Bijoux (contemporary art jewelry) and a selection of Annie Leibovitz’s photos. At the Stuart Yacht and Country Club in April we held our 2nd Annual Trivia night attended by over 150 guests, including Sisters Mary Dooley and Katherine Kennally from the Hope Rural School, our local charity. Because of the monies earned that night, combined with the proceeds from our annual Christmas Ball, we were able to present a big check to the Sisters. In May at our final meeting of the year (many of our members are “snowbirds” who return to their northern homes in the summer), we had the pleasure of dining in the Frances Langford Cafe and touring the Elliott Museum on Hutchinson Island. The Museum, which just reopened after a multi-million dollar renovation, gave us all complimentary tickets to the exhibits. The main attraction was a fascinating exhibit of machines made from the exacting designs of Leonardo DaVinci. Treasure Coast ladies have represented World Wings well this year. Sue Sheehan spoke at the John’s Island Club on “The Berlin Blockade from 1948-1949” as part of the Gold Series-Europe lectures. Two of our members, Tracy Maxwell and Carole Munn, attended the CARE Conference in Washington, D.C. in March. Our Treasurer, Cathy Liddy, volunteered with AARP and helped seniors fill out their tax returns. Our 1st Vice-President Eva D’Angelico was featured on the front page of the Stuart News when she and others drew designs on ceramic bowls and glazed them for the Empty Bowls Project to benefit the Treasure Coast Food Bank and St. Mary’s Kitchen. Our group, although mistakenly called “World Wide Wings,” was lauded by the columnist in the Stuart News Luminaries Section as a “generous group” for our fundraising efforts. Through her friendship with the “Voice of Romance” Franco Corso, our Secretary Carol Pyles secured the engaging tenor’s appearance at our annual Christmas ball for this year on December 3 at the Stuart Yacht and Country Club.

Those of us who flew out of New York enjoyed going to the annual Manhattan luncheon in May. Everyone was happy to catch up and reconnect. Quite a few BOS Chapter members made the trip this year and enjoyed a lovely gourmet lunch with plenty of wine on a beautiful day. In May a group of members met at Pickety Place, a restaurant amidst a very unique Herb-Garden-Nursery setting on a mountain top in New Hampshire. It is a magical place. The restaurant is located in a very old New England Cottage. One room is dedicated to Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. Everything is cooked with different herbs. We enjoyed, again, another beautiful day. Our next meeting was at the Food/Wine/Arts Festival in Kennebunkport, Maine, of President Bush family fame. Our members Barbara Shaye and Ron Amon invited us for lunch, and again in June, at Barbara’s home in Marblehead. July will see us relaxing, swimming and boating by the Lake in Salem, New Hampshire at Mary and Bob Greenfield’s home. It looks like a great time ahead for the Boston-Chapter.

Virginia Beach
In March the Virginia Beach Chapter met at a Japanese restaurant for lunch and plans to attend the Boardwalk Art Show and have a photo with King Neptune’s statue. This will be our first gathering since our Christmas party. We plan to have a deck party soon and invite PAA pilots. Chapter member Karen Williams and her husband Ted attended Ted’s 50th Iolani High School reunion in Honolulu. At one of the reunion events, Karen met the wife of one of Ted’s Iolani classmates who had flown with Pan Am at the same time Karen did. Karen was SFO based and her new-found friend had been HNL based. Many folks at the reunion remembered Pan Am fondly when Karen mentioned it was her layover spot on the R & R trips. We all agreed that Pan Am is always dear to our hearts...gone but never forgotten.

Our chapter members met in February at the lovely home of Carmen Gage. Carmen arranged an afternoon appreciation tea to acknowledge those members and friends who have helped us raise money for our charity, Senior Outreach Services. Each year many of our member’s friends and family assist us working at the Reno Air Races. In early May, Brigitte Kaneda and Ellie Hyatt attended the annual volunteer and remembrance luncheon given by Senior Outreach Service. It was held at the Siena Hotel and Spa Casino. Our chapter was acknowledged for our continuing support of the Senior Outreach Service program. Without our donations, S.O.S. would not be able to continue giving superb service to the local Washoe County elderly and disabled. In early June, members and their spouses toured the famous Bower’s Mansion in New Washoe City, Nevada. The mansion was constructed in 1863 and is considered the finest example of homes built in Nevada during the Comstock Mining Boom. After our tour we returned to Reno to enjoy a nice luncheon at BJ’s Grill. Our original plans to picnic after the tour changed as the temperatures soared to over 100 degrees. If you plan to attend the Reno Air Races in September, please stop by our booth and say hi. We would love to visit with you.