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Our Board...

The International Board of Directors meets twice annually. The 2013 Spring Board Meeting was held April 4-7, at the DoubleTree by Hilton Dallas Campbell Centre, Dallas, TX.

Officers & Contacts:
Board of Directors, 2011-2014 - International officers are elected by the membership for a three-year term.

President - Jane Luna Euler - Oakland Chapter

As the official representative of World Wings International, the President prepares agendas for and presides over all meetings. Jane is serving her second term on the Board.  She was installed as Corresponding Secretary on the New England Cruise in 2008.  Jane has served as the Oakland Chapter President for the past 15 years and will continue in this position.  She also writes the chapter newsletter.  She has been an active member of World Wings since 1975 and is an original member of the Oakland Chapter which was chartered in 1980.

Vice President Ways & Means - Carol Peck

Responsibilities include reviewing and recommending fund-raising projects and overseeing the International drawing and boutique at the annual meeting. This will be Carol's first term on the Board.  Carol was a Member at Large for a number of years and was adopted by the Oakland Chapter in 2006 for her tireless help with the 2006 Las Vegas convention.
Vice President Charity - Julie Watson - Heart of Florida Chapter

Acts as liaison to the International Charity and assists chapters with their charitable endeavors.  This is Julie's second term on the Board.  She served as Recording Secretary during her first term.  In addition, she worked on the Bylaws Committee.  Julie has been a member of WWI since 1991 and is the co-founder of the Heart of Florida Chapter and continues to serve as its President.  She also is the editor of the chapter newsletter "Heart Beats".  

Vice President Membership and Development - Bruce Gately - Paris Chapter

Bruce Gately's stated goal is that everyone who has ever worn a Pan Am uniform will be brought back into the fold by becoming a member of this wonderful, unique organization.  Bruce is serving his second term as VP Membership and Development.  He was co-chair of the 2005 Paris Convention and is co-president of the Paris chapter.

Treasurer - Sally Andersen - Oakland Chapter

Prepares the annual budget, files corporate tax returns, and keeps a file of all paid members. Sally will be serving her first term on the Board. Sally has been a member of WWI since the mid 80's.  She organized the Boutique for the 2006 Las Vegas Convention which was hosted by the Oakland Chapter.  After serving as Treasurer for the November 2010 China Clipper 75th Anniversary Celebration, Sally was tapped to apply for the WWI Treasurer position.

Recording Secretary - Ruth Loewenstein - Chicago Chapter

Records and distributes minutes of the annual meeting and all meetings of the International Board. Ruth will be serving her first term on the Board.  She has been a member of WWI since 2000 when she joined the Chicago Chapter.  She has been the Chicago Chapter President since 2007 and will continue to hold this position.  Ruth is  an Associate Member of the Miami Chapter.

Corresponding Secretary - Emilia de Geer - San Francisco Chapter

Emilia is responsible for the WWI website and keeping it updated.  She has charge of address records of the membership and the Board.  Her other duties include correspondence with Chapter Presidents, Treasurers and other as needed.  Emilia returns to the Board after a six year hiatus.  Prior to that she served two terms on the Board; the first as Chapter Liaison and the second as Editor of Jet Wings.  Emilia is an Associate Member of both the Oakland and Marin Chapters.

President Emeritus - Norma B Simon - Member at Large

Norma Boogaard Simon hails from the Netherlands and flew from 1965-1969.  She was President of three chapters before joining the International Board in 1999.  She served two terms as VP Charity and actively developed our partnership with CARE.  She was sworn in as International President in Paris in 2005 and was reconfirmed for a second term during the New England cruise.  She now has assumed the more advisory role of President Emeritus.

Convention Coordinator - Holly Hilton - Paris Chapter

Holly's position is to assist chapters that would like to host an annual convention or to select a convention site.  Holly is the current co-President of the Paris Chapter.  She coordinated the 2005 Paris convention and is experienced in all aspects of running a convention and negotiating contracts.  Holly is responsible for visiting venues to assure they will fit the requirements of WWI.  

Newsletter Editor - Leslie Manning - Atlanta Chapter

Is responsible for gathering information for the preparation and distribution of "Jet Wings," the International newsletter. Leslie has been a member of WWI since 1990 when she joined the Oakland Chapter.  After relocating to the Atlanta area, she joined the Atlanta Chapter in 2002 and has served as the Chapter President for the past four years. This is Leslie's first term on the International Board.

Special Committees - Are appointed by the President and are not members of the International Board

Liaison to Members-at-Large & Asia - Alicia C. Smith - Member-at-Large

Alicia became a member of World Wings in 1996 and has actively participated in World Wings and CARE events since 2002.  Alicia writes a newsletter for MALs without email addresses to keep them in touch and sends out other mailings as needed.  She is an Associate Member of the TYO, FTL and MIA chapters.


World Wings International's Advisory Board 
Frank W. Abagnale

Stacy Beck

Carrie B Elliot, Esq.

Peyton R. Latimer

Margaret Eiluned Morgan  

Angel Wings Relief Fund Committee - The purpose of this fund is to provide immediate assistance to former Pan Am flight attendants and their families during times of crisis.
   Joan Nell Bernstein
   Jeanne Bayer
   Cosmo Castleton
   Loretta Jones
   Diana Wiggins
   Jane Euler

History Project - Jane Euler, Oakland Chapter

Do you have an interesting "Pan Am days" experience to share? You can become a part of Pan Am and World Wings history. Write your story for the World Wings History Project. It is easy and even fun.  Contact Jane for a 'history form'.  Histories will be collected and stored at the University of Miami's Richter Library. The archives are available for scholars. 

Museum Uniform Collection

The Museum Uniform Collection is presently being inventoried and information will be updated as soon as possible.  The Traveling Uniform Collection is available for short-term loan. Add a nostalgic moment to your special function.  For information please contact Ruth Loewenstein, World Wings' Archivist.