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Calling all Pan Am flight attendants!

If you are a former Pan Am flight attendant who has yet to join or renew your membership in World Wings International, we want you to know that we miss you!

Flying for Pan Am gave us the opportunity to get to know a unique group of wonderful teammates in flight and on layovers.  World Wings gives you the opportunity to reconnect with friends and recall those great days flying for Pan Am if you join a chapter or become a Member at Large.  You can keep up with the dynamic, accomplished people who are part of World Wings International today through our newsletter, Jet Wings, sent twice a year.  If you attend our conventions, held annually "somewhere in the world" you will have the opportunity to meet old friends and colleagues and to make new friends.  We have a unique bond that was Pan Am and that bond continues.

Membership comes with privileges. You will have access to our website and members-only information. Under the CREW LOUNGE menu bar, you will find “Briefing Notes”, containing a copy of our latest Convention Annual Report, our Bylaws, Policies & Procedures and the Annual Chapter Reports.  Included in this pull down menu there is also access to our “Jet Wings” magazine and our “Membership Directory”.  Participating in our wonderful conventions is the best part of being a member.  In the past few years, our conventions have taken us to Paris, Las Vegas, Quebec City, Tokyo, Boston, Portland, a Hawaiian cruise, a Mediterranean cruise, and Bangkok.  You need to be a member to attend our conventions, so bring a Pan Am flight attendant friend with you; plan to make new friends and stay connected with the wonderful people who flew for Pan Am. Once you attend a convention, you'll look forward to the next one, and the next one..

World Wings is comprised of 28 chapters in the USA, 4 in Europe and one in Bangkok.  We have 2100 chapter members and Members at Large.  Each of our chapters worldwide support one or more local charities and also support our international charity, CARE.   Today, World Wings is a valued CARE partner, proudly supporting CARE’s programs for global education and gender equality. 

The women and men who flew for Pan Am are a unique group with shared experiences and lasting friendships.  Even if you are currently working for another airline, we would like to welcome you aboard World Wings International.  We do miss you!

A printable Membership Application and the address to forward the application and your dues is located under Membership on the menu bar.