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World Wings International / Personal Pan Am History Questionnaire

In an effort to preserve our history as stewardesses/stewards/flight attendants, and that of Pan Am, a Questionnaire was created. THERE IS NO DEADLINE FOR SENDING IN YOUR QUESTIONNAIRE.

The Questionnaires:

The questionnaires have been compiled by decades (1940’s to the end of Pan Am in 1991) and by years within the decades.  They are being preserved in the San Francisco Airport Museum and Library and the University of Miami Richter Library World Wings Archives.  The San Francisco Museum and Library has copied each questionnaire, photo and article submitted on acid-free paper.  In 1999 the San Francisco Airport Museum became the first museum in an airport to receive accreditation from the American Association of Museums.  The questionnaires sent to the University of Miami Richter Library Archives will become part of the Pan Am and World Wings documents, uniforms, books and other items stored there.  The questionnaires will be available to researchers and writers and will not be removed from the archives at either location.
Some background:  In 1990 and 1991 an “oral history” project was conducted.  Questionnaires were used as guidelines for an interviewer to ask questions of the interviewee.  Luckily, these questionnaires have been preserved and they have been added to the current questionnaires.  We now have a running history of flight on Pan Am from almost the beginning of cabin crews through the demise of Pan Am.  The variety of experiences, passengers, good times and bad times around the world is extraordinary.  Become a part of this history project and share your experiences while working with Pan Am.
CLICK HERE to access a "fillable" questionnaire.  Type your responses, print a copy, sign and mail it to the address below.

CLICK HERE to access a "printable" questionnaire.  Print it out, hand write your responses, sign it and mail it to the address below.

If more space is needed, an extra sheet or two (or more) can be attached to the Questionnaire.  Adding a photo/s or appropriate article/s to the questionnaire would be a bonus.  A description of where the photo was taken, and the approximate year, would be appreciated.  The name should also be on the back of the photo.  It is important that any writing or printing be done clearly so it is easily read.  All questionnaires must be signed and dated.

Questionnaires will be accepted  on an on-going basis.    The San Francisco Airport Museum and Library has copied 518 questionnaires, photos and pertinent articles on acid free paper.  The originals will soon be housed in the University of Miami Richter Library Archives as will any questionnaires received in the future.  

No emailed or faxed questionnaires can be accepted.  Please be sure to sign and date your Questionnaire.  Any received without a signature cannot be saved. 
Our histories are treasures that should be preserved and shared.  Future generations will have the opportunity to understand the evolution of the cabin attendant’s duties, experiences, and life from the beginning of our time with Pan Am to the end of Pan Am.  I hope you’ll enjoy the memories as you complete the form.
Mail your Questionnaire to:
Jane Euler
President, World Wings International, Inc.
1922 Rancho Verde Circle East
Danville, CA  94526-6220