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Our History

Once we soared with the World's Most Experienced Airline, spanning the globe in sleek jets etched in Pan Am Blue. Although Pan Am has been gone since December 1991, the friendships forged during our travels continues and renews at every chapter meeting and annual convention held "somewhere in the world." It is precisely these friendships and shared experiences that keep World Wings the vital, caring organization it is today.

World Wings is a wonderful and rewarding addition to our lives. The men and women of World Wings donate time to fundraising for charities within their chapter community as well as for CARE, the leading humanitarian organization with projects aiding impoverished women and children around the globe.  Yet, it is our longtime friendships and our unique connection that keep us together. Once a World Winger attends an annual convention, meets old friends and makes new ones, it's easy to understand that special bond that still exists after all these years.

In October 1952, permission was granted by the Flight Service Manager in San Francisco to obtain a complete list of Pan Am Stewardesses in the Pacific-Alaska Division who had resigned from Pan Am in the proceeding five years.  Over one hundred names were compiled by Bunny Scott Laird, then Chief Stewardess in the division.  In 1953 the San Francisco Bay Area group was organized by Betty Porter Hussman, Bunny Scott Laird and Betty Fleming Moses.  As their number increased, sections were set up in Marin County, Redwood City, San Mateo and Santa Clara.  By April 1959 arrangements had been made to register the organization at the state capitol in Sacramento.  The registration was discontinued because another organization of former Pan Am Stewardesses had been processing an incorporation under the laws of the State of New York.

In the spring of 1957, two former Pan Am stewardesses met in a Long Island department store.  Each lamented having lost contact with the girls with whom she had flown.  A get-together was suggested with each contacting her former friends from flying days who resided on Long Island.  In June 1957, this group elected officers and began setting up bylaws.  The name World Wings was selected in September 1958 and the organization was incorporated under the laws of the State of New York in June 1959.  The Long Island chapter is officially recognized as the first chapter of World Wings International, Inc.

Upon learning of the San Francisco group in 1958, the Long Island members suggested they could unite and become a national organization.  The California members accepted the proposal and in December 1959 they became the San Francisco Bay Chapter of World Wings International, Inc.  Both Long Island and the San Francisco Chapters received their charters on May 18, 1968, the date that chapter charters were first granted by the Board of Directors.

World Wings International is comprised of 28 domestic chapters, 5 overseas chapters and Members-at-Large.  Each chapter supports one or more local charity as well as supporting the present International Charity, CARE.