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Member Benefits....

Pan Am flight attendants are a very special group of women and men - adventurous, involved and sophisticated in the best sense of the word. Our experience spans cities on six continents, aboard aircraft from the Boeing Stratocruiser to the Boeing 747. We recall the Golden Age of Air Travel and take pride in the role Pan Am and its flight attendants played in making the world accessible to millions.

Thanks to World Wings International, Inc. we can maintain the friendships we forged, share memories and make a meaningful contribution to the world we came to know so well as part of Pan Am.

The benefits of being a member of World Wings are many. In addition to maintaining, renewing and making lasting friendships, it is an opportunity to give back to our communities and to the world by holding and participating in fundraising activities. These activities benefit our local charities as well as CARE International.

Pan Am hired a "special" people...those who wanted to do more than see the world and experience new cultures and adventures almost daily. They hired women and men who had a special "aura"; who enjoyed serving the public; who were interesting and who were interested in the world around them. We have not changed! World Wings is a part of our lives and the enjoyment we get and the benefits we give are part of the glue that keeps World Wings going.

What are the benefits of being a Full Member? A Full Member receives their chapter's newsletter, participates in chapter events/activities, has voting rights, receives Jet Wings, the World Wings newsletter, and is invited to attend the annual convention held somewhere in the world.

What is an Associate Member? An Associate Member is a Full Member of a specific chapter and wants to join another chapter(s) to stay connected with friends in another area. Associate members only have voting rights in the chapter in which they are a Full Member. Associate members receive the newsletters of the other chapter(s) they join and can participate in the chapter's events/activities.

What is a Member at Large? A Member at Large is someone who does not live near one of our chapters but who wants to stay connected with their Pan Am family of friends. Members at Large are invited to attend our annual convention held somewhere in the world and they receive Jet Wings, the official newsletter of World Wings.

Chapters regularly communicate with their membership to keep them informed between mailings of Jet Wings.

We would like to welcome you to World Wings International, Inc. Return to the MEMBERSHIP menu and click on Member Application page 1 & page 2.