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Frequently Asked Questions...

1.  Can I join any chapter I want to?  Yes, but you must join one chapter as a Full Member before joining another chapter as an Associate Member.  You can join as many chapters as you would like as an Associate by sending the Associate membership fee to the chapter treasurers listed on page 2 of the Membership Application found on this website.


2.  What is the difference between a Full Member and an Associate Member?  Full membership allows voting rights, the chapter newsletter and the Jet Wings newsletter.  Associate Members do not have voting rights but they will receive the chapter newsletter and can participate in the chapter events.


3.  I don't live near any World Wings chapter.  Can I join as a Member at Large?  Yes, as a MAL you will receive the Jet Wings newsletter twice a year and e-newsletters sent between issues of Jet Wings.  You will also be invited to attend the annual convention.


4. Why would I want to join a chapter that isn't near my home?  Joining a chapter that is located near where you were based, or where members of your training class live, or where you have friends will keep you connected with friends - even at a distance.  You'll stay connected through the chapters' newsletter.  Our friendships and the opportunities we enjoyed with Pan Am are unique and we all share in this bond.


5.  Where do our dues go?  Dues are used to support the needs of the Board of Directors and to pay for legal, auditing and other legal requirements of World Wings International, Inc.  $28.00 of chapter dues go to International.  The International dues were raised $10.00, by unanimous vote, at the Las Vegas Convention in 2006 after not having been raised in decades.  Chapter dues are used to pay for postage, paper, envelopes, ink and other costs associated with running a local chapter.  A portion of chapter dues are sent to the chapter local charities and to our International charity, CARE.


6.  Why should I join World Wing International, Inc.?  There are many reasons.  One is to stay connected with friends/others we flew with and to share our common bond that is the glue of World Wings.  Another is to give back through philanthropic endeavors to those who are less fortunate.  Another is to support the cause of women and children throughout the world by supporting the World Wings international charity CARE.   While doing all this, we have fun!