IATA Trade Association

Get more information about the airlines that you fly with online by using www.iata.org. IATA or International Air Transport is a trade association of the world’s airlines. Consisting of around 260 airlines, primarily major carriers, representing 117 countries, the IATA’s member airlines account for carrying approximately 83% of total Available Seat Kilometers air traffic. The company supports airline activity and helps formulate industry policy and standards. IATA is currently headquartered in Montreal, Canada with Executive Offices in Geneva, Switzerland.

IATA was established in April 1945 with the goal of helping people better understand the world of air transport. The company also aims to increase the awareness of the benefits that aviation brings to national and global economies. Some of the responsibilities of IATA include challenging unreasonable rules and charges, holding regulators and governments to account and striving for sensible regulation. For nearly 70 years, the company has developed global commercial standards upon which the air transport industry is built. IATA helps airline companies simplify their processes and increase passenger convenience while reducing costs and improving efficiency. Find out more on iata.org.

IATA Services

The company’s full range of products and services are designed to support the ongoing efforts of many functions within an airline – finance, security, operations, strategic management, safety and many more. To get more details about each product and/or service, simply click on the appropriate link. The following are the products and services offered by IATA:

  • Accreditation & Codes –Travel
  • IATA Codes
  • Accreditation Cargo
  • Consulting
  • Financial Services
  • Advertising
  • Intelligence and Statistics
  • Security Solutions
  • Airport Solutions

How to Get In Touch with IATA

If you’ve already read about the products and services offered by IATA and would like to speak with someone from the company, simply follow the indicated steps below:

  1. On www.iata.org, look for the link that says ‘Contact & Support’ and activate it. You can find this on the top area of the page, beside the ‘Careers’ link.
  2. You will then be redirected to a new page that contains IATA’s various support and contact information. From here, you can access the company’s FAQ page, Customer Portal, Online Store and many more.

The online portal of IATA is very easy to navigate, simply use the different subheadings and links provided to find the information you need. For example, if you want to get information on the latest news and events of the company, click on the tab marked as ‘Events’. From here, you can view the company’s upcoming events, regional events, webinars and many more.