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World Wingers are a fortunate group. Through our organization, we maintain friendships, share memories and participate in an array of social and philanthropic activities that keep us connected.

Membership is limited to a very special few - the women and men who served as stewards, stewardesses, flight attendants of Pan American World Airways. Currently, we have 2100 members in 33 worldwide chapters and as Members at Large and we look forward to welcoming everyone who once proudly wore the wings of a Pan Am flight attendant.  Those still flying with other airlines are eligible.   

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There are three (3) types of membership:

1. Member in a chapter.  Receives the chapter newsletter and Jet Wings and is invited to the annual convention.  Members have voting rights.

2. Associate Member (after becoming a Member in one chapter a Member can also  become an Associate Member of any other chapter(s).  Associate members receive the chapter's newsletter and can participate in this chapter's events as well as in the Member chapter events.  There are no voting rights for associate members.

3. Member at Large (those who are not affiliated with a particular chapter).  Members at Large are invited to the annual convention and receive Jet Wings two times each year.  Periodic news updates are sent via email or by snail mail.  Members at Large have voting rights.

All members are eligible to attend our annual conventions, always held in a fabulous venue and organized by the world's best party planners - other World Wingers!

To become a member of World Wings International, just click here for a Membership Application and click here for a list of treasurers (send your application to the chapter treasurer). Members at Large send their dues to the International Treasurer.

Chapter Membership Outside the US:  Please note
that new members and renewing members of chapters outside the USA must send dues to their chapter treasurer (see "click here" above for a list of chapter treasurers). 

In addition, we often join with other Pan Am alumni groups such as the Pan Am Historical Foundation and Clipper Pioneers to participate in reunions and events that include the larger Pan Am family.

Chapter dues are determined by each chapter.  Included in the dues amount is $28 a year to International for operational expenses. The balance goes to the chapter. 

1. Access to our new, interactive website where you can register for conventions, find out about upcoming events, view photos or videos of chapter events, and keep in touch with friends from your flying days.

2. Jet Wings, our newsletter, packed with information about International events and updates, chapter activities and events, and other news.  This is also available on the website should you have two addresses and not receive your Jet Wings.  Jet Wings is not forwarded by the post office.  You won't miss an issue!

3. E-newsletters 4-6 times a year to all members having an e-mail address to keep you updated on all the exciting news from World Wings International between mailings of Jet Wings.  Members at Large without email addresses receive updates via snail mail.

4. Attendance at our terrific annual conventions.

Click here to print an application

We look forward to welcoming you aboard!