OAG Air Travel Intelligence

Access unique flight and air route tools online by using www.oag.com. OAG is an air travel intelligence company based in the UK. It provides digital information and applications to the world’s airlines, airports, government agencies and travel-related service companies. OAG is best known for its airline schedules database which holds future and historical flight details for more than 900 airlines and over 4,000 airports. It holds an extensive flight status and day-of-travel database in the aviation market and provides analytical tools to assess air travel trends.

Currently, OAG is headquartered in the UK. But it serves the air travel community from its global network offices in the UK, USA, Singapore, Japan and China. The company began its operations in 1853 when it first published the ABC Alphabetical Railway Guide. Its brand name originated in 1929 when the ‘Official Aviation Guide of the Airways’ was published in February of 1929 in the U.S. You can learn more about the company from oag.com by utilizing the subheadings and tools found there; schedules, analytics and flight view are just some of topics that you can choose from. OAG has the world’s largest network of air travel data and through this, connects the world of travel with businesses and travelers alike.

Logging In to Your Online Account with OAG

If you already have an account with OAG and would like to log in, simply follow the indicated steps below:

  1. On www.oag.com, look for the link that says ‘My Account’ on the top area and click on it.
  2. On the next page, you will be asked to select your product in order to log in. The following are the product options presented on the new page:
    • Analyser
    • Travel Planner
    • Flights
    • Flight guide online
    • Cargo flights
    • Inforwarding
  3. Links
  4. Click on your product to proceed to the next step. For example, if you select travel planner, you will be redirected to the login page where you need to enter your username and password.
  5. Click on the button that says ‘Login’ after doing so and you will be redirected to your online account.
  6. For further information or assistance, use ‘Contact OAG’ to access OAG’s help center. For inquiries from UK and EMEA, you may call: +44 (0) 1582 695050. If you are in the U.S., call +1 800 342  5624 and for ASPAC, you may call: +65 6395 5888. You may also contact the team by  filling out the online form provided on the page or through the company’s social media accounts on Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn.