SeatGuru Aircraft Seat Maps

Get the latest on airplane seating, in-flight amenities and other related information from Seat Guru is an online service that features aircraft seat maps, seat reviews and a color-coded system to identify superior and substandard airline seats. It also provides useful information about in-flight amenities and airline specific information regarding check-in, baggage, unaccompanied minors and traveling with infants and pets.

Seat Guru was established on October of 2001 by Matthew Daimler, a frequent business traveler. And since then, the company has expanded to more than 700 aircraft seatmaps from more than 95 different airlines. If you use this online service, you will get the chance to get really good seats on your next trip! Each seat is color-coded with green being a ‘good seat’ and red being a ‘poor seat’. Seats that are marked as yellow are ‘be aware’ seats which mean that you need to get more information about it such as less legroom, etc.

How to Book a Flight with SeatGuru

Yes, you can book a flight with Seat Guru. More than just providing airline seat information, this online service is also designed to help you shop for cheap flights! If you want to book one, follow the indicated steps below:

  1. Look for the ‘Shop Flights’ category on
  2. Here you can enter your location and your desired destination to their corresponding fields.
  3. Indicate your date of travel (departure and return), the number of passengers and if you prefer a non-stop flight.
  4. Fine the orange ‘Find Flights’ button and wait for the system to provide you with results.
  5. You can also create a TripAdvisor AirWatch Alert so you can get a notification when prices for your desired flight drop.
  6. If you need further assistance, look for the ‘Contact Us’ link found on the bottom of the homepage. This will let you send an email directly to SeatGuru.
  7. You can also get more information about the service by using the ‘FAQ’ link.

How to View a Seatmap for a Specific Flight

Finding the seatmap for your next trip is quite easy to do on SeatGuru. Under the ‘Fine Seat Maps’ category, you just need to enter a few details such as the airline name, flight number and date of your flight to get the information you need. You can also access airline information from different carriers by using the tab ‘Browse Airlines’ and get reliable flight tips from ‘Guru Advice’.